Healthy Tan - Professional Spray Tanning
Perfect Body. Perfect Pose. Perfect Tan.
...the HEALTHY Way!
HEALTHY TAN Professional Spray Tanning provides gorgeous competition color for body builders, fitness, figure, bikini and physique athletes.
We strongly believe in providing customers with the safest solutions and  best Competition Tan around!
$110  2 Sessions
 $70  Single session
 (done day before event)
Pamela rocked her Competition HEALTHY TANand took 1st Place in B Class at the NPC Georgia!

Healthy Tan Fitness Competiton Tan

Suggested Competition
Tan Schedule:
 (example for a Saturday event)
  • Thursday - 1st deep, full body spray
  • Friday - Warm water rinse*
  • Friday - 2nd deep, full body spray
  • Sat -Touch up with Blackout Lotion, if needed
*warm water only rinse between spray sessions is recommended to avoid stripping of color 
Immediately prior to event: the contestant can apply additional color where needed with Black Out™ Lotion (8 oz tube). 
They can also apply the Shine™ muscle defining spray prior to stepping to the stage for added sheen under lights.
Post event we recommend a deep exfoliating treatment such as Sea Coral Salt Scrub to combat DHA drying effects and to remove unwanted color.

Get your winning Competition Spray Tan for your next event! 
HEALTHY TANis professional, experienced and reliable!