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Spray tanning is a perfect way for the bride to get a natural, even "glow" for the big day!

  • HEALTHY TAN specializes in tanning brides! Our natural, olive-toned brown solution is so beautiful and natural in color. Nothing orange and no one will know it's a spray tan! And it is certified organic!

  • We are able to customize the darkness of your tan to meet your desired level...from light, healthy glow to full summer tan

  • A spray tan will help even out multiple tones in your skin like redness, freckles, veins, etc. providing a smoother skin appearance

  • Bridal tans are done in specialty, clear sunless tanning solution, without the bronzer. This will ensure there will be no leftover bronzer to rub off inside of your gown. Only a flawless, sunless tan!

  • We recommend one tryout session at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding to practice your desired tan darkness and the timing to schedule your wedding tan
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