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  • Our tans are custom blended for each client's skin tone and desired darkness level with no "orange"!

  • All solutions are of the highest quality and have organic ingredients

  • We include and do not upcharge for our PH balance prep spray which ensures a flawless finish, provides tan longevity and moisture, and virtually eliminates any smell

  • We complete your tan with a drying powder to reduce stickiness

  • See our FAQ

Custom spray tan with organic solution and no orange applied by expert artists.



Custom blend
Rinse 8-10 hours

5-Spray tan package $150



Venetian / Cosmo
Rinse 8-10 hours
Dry bronzer

5-Spray tan package $175


Venetian / Cosmo
Rinse 8-10 hours
Dry bronzer

5-Spray tan package $175


How long is the spray tan appointment? About 30 minutes, including consultation and application.

How long will my spray tan last? With proper tan preparation and post tan moisturizing, about 7 days. With proper after care, it can be longer. Your tan can also be extended with tan extending lotions that have a little sunless tanner in them to boost the tan as it fades. We carry several that we recommend.

How far ahead of my event should I schedule my tan? For a specific event, we recommend 2 days ahead of time. For a vacation/out of town trip, we recommend the day before you leave. Your darkest tan will be 24 hours after it is applied and it will fade a little bit each day thereafter.

Do you have online booking? Yes, on the location page, select location and hold on phone number to initiate a text or call. Let us know which day and time you'd like.

What forms of payment are accepted? While cash is always appreciated, we accept Venmo, Zelle, Apple pay, and all major credit cards.

How dark will my tan be? We do a custom-blended solution at each visit considering your skin tone and desired darkness level. We can do anything from a healthy glow to dark vacation tan and everything in between!

I have very fair skin and I worry about being orange, how do I get a natural tan for my skin tone? We specialize in very fair clients and with our custom-blended solutions, we will create a blend that will be within what tan level can work within your skin tone. We can do a very light glow to a light summer level of tan, and keep fair-skinned clients looking very natural.

How do I avoid getting ORANGE? This is everyone's worst spray tan fear. With our experience, the solution is blended and applied properly and with a darkness level that will look natural on your skin tone. See our reviews and pics, we know how to do it!

How do I know which tan should I choose? At your appointment, we will discuss the different tans and help decide which is best for your situation. Our client favorite is always Rapid rinse, no one wants to sleep with bronzer on!

How does sunless tanning work? DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone) (known as sunless tanner) turns the top several layers of you skin brown by reacting with the protein in your skin. As your skin naturally sheds itself, the tanned skin is shed away.

How is a sprayed application better than the spray booths or hand applied products? The spray gun is a precision instrument that allows for a smooth, flawless application. Special care can be taken to avoid over application on problem areas such as knees, elbows, hands, feet and face which absorb more color. The issues with spray booths stem from their features. The 50+ nozzles spray indiscriminately, not knowing the difference between your face or your legs, or about areas that should be naturally lighter, or your personal preferences. There is no awareness of differences of body sizes and shapes or skin tones; it's all the same to the nozzles. As such, there is always excess spray that must be wiped off in order to avoid drip lines and blotchiness. Accumulation on the hands and feet is difficult to avoid, and may cause orange splotches. The presence of alcohol and other agents added for quick drying, makes the solution especially formulated for the spray booths somewhat harsh on the skin. By hand application often results in streaky coloration and stained hands because its difficult apply the product by yourself. In addition, you are rubbing the product in as opposed to having it gently settle on the skin. Even with the greatest of care and help to reach all areas, you cannot duplicate the evenness and natural look of a sprayed tan applied by a trained technician.

What should I wear for my spray tan? Whatever you wear you will have that tan line to live with for the week. Most clients go topless with a thong or nude. Everyone's buns look better tan ;) Plan to wear loose, dark clothes after the tan is applied.

Will the spray tan stain my clothes? The bronzer seen when the spray tan applied is formulated to wash out in regular laundry, however you are encouraged to wear older clothes to the tanning session.

Should I get my spray tan done before or after other services like waxing or nails? Allow at least 24 hours after waxing before the spray tan. Residual oils can effect the spray tan development. Your spray tan should be last! And it will not stain your nail polish.

Do you take walk-ins or short -notice appointments? We do not take walk-ins, but if you text or call, we may have a short term opening. We are very accomodating!

When can I shower and soap normally? We recommend water only, no soap/shaving on your main skin for that first shower. Once the sunless tan is fully developed, you can shower normally and moisturize daily afterward. It is important to note, that you spray tan lasts as long as that skin is there. It fades as you exfoliate that skin. So try to avoid exfoliating your skin with scrubs, rubbing, prolonged soaking in water, etc. Doing so will lighten the tan sooner.

Do you spray tan male clients? We do not spray tan male clients unless by referral.

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