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Our natural tanning solution is aloe & water based. Your skin will be immediately bronzed with a cosmetic bronzer to give you an idea of what your sunless tan will look like.  The sunless tan will begin to develop  in 2-4 hours; fully developing in 16-20 hours.  The sunless tanning ingredient (Dihydroxyacetone) is derived from sugar cane and interacts with the amino acids (protein) in the skin cells producing a color change. This moisturizing formula is infused with Pro-vitamins which boost the skin's inherent glow, creating a customized shade of color for each client.

Once your sunless tan is developed, the top several layers of skin are turned bronze. Unlike the reaction caused by UV sun rays, it involves only the outermost, dead cell layer of the skin  Your sunless tan fades as you naturally shed those layers.  Moisturizing daily reduces the skins shedding, and therefore helps provide you the longest lasting spray tan.

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